JOYFUL!  vol1, issue3

The WCI Team is delighted to bring you JOYFUL! the official communique of the Wojtyła Community & Institute. This is your one-stop for all the latest news and exciting events going on with the WCI, from podcasts to conferences to marriage retreats, wherever we are sharing St. John Paul II's Rule for couples, you can find it here!

This issue includes:

1) Come away with your Spouse and Pray - Get away from the bustle of everyday life. Give your spouse the gift of time - to deepen your love in Christ. The natural beauty of the Shrine is the ideal place to retreat. You and your spouse will learn about St. John Paul II’s Rule for Marriage & experience the deep spiritual union, available in sacramental marriage. Earlybird pricing ends June 1, register today! Only 20 spots left!

2) MCGs FOLLOWING THE RULE ARE GROWING! - The Holy Spirit is on the move in the hearts of couples everywhere! MCGs (Married Couple Groups) following St. John Paul II's Rule are spreading across the nation. There are now 30 leader couples trained (or currently in training) in 16 states read more ... 

3) Living Our Vocation with Joy! - MCG Spotlight - by Dexter & Amber Sanchez (Fort Worth, TX) Before we learned about The Rule, we had plenty of experience with "men's groups" and "women's groups." Having a space intended for both of us, together as a couple, has been one of the biggest blessings about joining a Married Couple Group. As a family with young children and various demands upon our schedules, it can be challenging to carve out time that is dedicated to our marriage -- being part of an MCG has helped us to prioritize our marriage and our spiritual life together in a consistent way ... Read more!   

4) Look to Wujek: "Your Gift of Self" - Fr. Wojtyła (St. John Paul II) received the title “Wujek” (-yĕk, which means uncle) from his group of friends in 1952 because it was not safe to call him Father in public. "Look to Wujek" helps us get to know the man who was St. John Paul II, little by little... Read more.

5) HISTORY & MISSION: "THIS HAS UNLOCKED THE RULE ... THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT THAT CAN BE FOR THE FAITHFUL GLOBALLY! I MEAN UNIVERSALLY! ISN’T IT AMAZING?" - BISHOP CAGGIANO - Bishop Caggiano interviews Peter & Theresa Martin on his podcast "LET ME BE FRANK" with humor, passion, and wisdom! Be ready to laugh and be inspired as Bishop speaks of living in Italy, following God's will, and marvels at God's designs in allowing the Martins to discover and unlock the Rule for the English speaking world. read the rest of the story!

6) Details on next Leader Couple Training Course - Are you interested in starting a Married Couple Group following St. John Paul II's Rule? The next Leader Couple Training Course is in September! Click here to learn all the details!

7) Want to bring Peter & Theresa to speak at your parish or diocese? - The Martins continue to spread the wonderful message of St. John Paul II's Rule for married couple groups! In addition to leading new couples to be trained as Leader Couples, Peter & Theresa have Retreats and talks coming up La Crosse, WI, Greenwood, IN, Guilford, IN, and Fargo, ND. Click here to book the Martins!

7) HOLY SPIRIT WORKED IN AMAZING WAYS AT THE  WINONA MARRIAGE RETREAT  - David & Kate Dawson and Peter & Theresa Martin made a fantastic and lively combination of speakers for the Diocese of Winona-Rochester's annual marriage retreat in February. Couples enjoyed a balance of games, talks, prayer, and time to dialogue together. The most gripping moment for most couples seemed to be the prayer ...   Read more...

8) ST. JOHN PAUL II'S VISION OF MARRIAGE AND THE GIFT OF HIS RULE IS SPREADING! - This spring took Peter & Theresa Martin across the Midwest sharing this great rediscovered gift of St. John Paul II's Rule! In sold out venues of Gary, IN and Duluth, MN and also in Cloquet, MN, the Martins had audiences laughing, cheering, and inspired! Often, the mission of sharing the Rule is not just for Theresa & Peter but becomes a family... Read more...