Trusting The Rule of St. John Paul II, we are a family of families, striving for holiness, strengthening marriages, and living the truth of Humanae Vitae with JOY!

Our mission is to support spouses who wish to follow the Rule of St. John Paul II. Through the Rule, he invites good, strong couples to become great in holiness! As a husband and wife open their hearts more to the grace of the sacrament, they become closer to God and to each other, and this produces lasting joy!

integral vision of the person
St. John Paul II said we need to see each person in two moments: who he is and who he is meant to be, seeing both the real and the ideal. He calls this the integral vision of the person. In following the Rule, we accompany spouses in the real, gritty, everyday reality, but always seeking and reaching for the ideal of Christian life-joyful unity with God.

conjugal spirituality
Conjugal spirituality is the relationship between God and the spouses, united as one. This new relationship is formed through the Sacrament of Marriage. This real spiritual union can be so profound, John Paul II says, that the spouses have but one interior life! Conjugal spirituality is also the key to finding unshakable joy and peace in your marriage. The Rule helps unlock this amazing gift of grace!

After reading the Rule for Married Couple Groups by St. John Paul II, Peter and Theresa Martin knew it had to be shared! They founded the Wojtyła Community & Institute (WCI) to bring the Rule to the English-speaking world! The WCI also supports those who wish to follow the Rule through leadership training, workbooks, dialogue journals, and more! The founding of the WCI was also a direct answer to the call of St. John Paul II. In these newly translated texts, he said when there s not a community that supports authentic marriage, the dignity of the person, and the cultivation of conjugal spirituality—it must be created!

St. John Paul II said spouses need heroic virtue to live authentically Christian marriages in this increasingly secular culture. In order to live this higher level of virtue, he says, you need the support of a committed community.

As Cardinal, St. John Paul II had launched an initiative of Married Couple Groups, directly after the promulgation of Humanae Vitae. The WCI follows his 6-point Rule in establishing Married Couple Groups, training the leaders, building community, praying together, and sharing our joy-filled love with the Church and the world!

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