The Holy Spirit is on the move in the hearts of couples everywhere! MCGs (Married Couple Groups) following St. John Paul II's Rule are spreading across the nation. There are now 30 leader couples trained (or currently in training) in 16 States!  

Hear what leader couples are saying:

"This has been so effortless, because it is His will! We just said, 'yes.'"

"Everything is laid out so well in the workbooks for us to follow. We are entering into living the Rule along with the other couples in our group. We can't wait to share it with more couples!"

"‘Stumbling’ upon the Rule and then starting an MCG has been a powerful example of God showing up in our life. It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for this gift, one that I didn’t know we needed and which I now can’t imagine living without. To be honest, our ‘yes’ to this commitment was somewhat mumbled. We were hesitant to take the plunge but couldn’t ignore the gentle prompting of St. JP II’s invitation to “Be Not Afraid!” The fruits have been abundant and are continuing to unfold. We have experienced such joy at being able to journey on a weekly basis with other married couples, who are becoming like family to us. A family of families, to be sure. As we share our lives together, we can see God’s hand more clearly and feel His presence more tangibly. We remember, and we rejoice!"

Have you felt the urge to start your own JPII marriage group?

You're not alone! You would be amazed to know how many people are feeling the same tug. The world might be constantly distracting us, but that is all the more reason to rise up together following our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Let us rise up together affirming our belief in Jesus Christ and His teachings, especially taught through the Catholic Church on the areas of life, love and sexuality. 

The truth that St. John Paul II emphasizes in the Rule is this: that the spiritual union between spouses could be so profound that you have one interior life between you! He is also convinced that having your marriage united in Christ in such a way And united in Christ in such a way will bring you lasting JOY!

Can you imagine your life with indescribable joy? That no matter the challenges that come, your joy remains and the love between you and your spouse grows daily!   

Find out more about Leader Couple training!

“Leader Couple Training really helped us deepen our understanding of The Rule and how the WCI supports Married Couple Groups. Hearing from experienced leader couples encouraged us and painted the picture of what an MCG can be. We were also blessed by the personalized support of our mentor couple — having them in our corner helped us feel prepared and excited to form our new group! St. John Paul II has left such a beautiful gift for us in The Rule, and Leader Couple Training equipped us to share that gift with other couples in our community. We couldn’t be more thankful for the WCI!”