JOYFUL!  vol1, issue2

The WCI Team is delighted to bring you JOYFUL! the official communique of the Wojtyła Community & Institute. This is your one-stop for all the latest news and exciting events going on with the WCI, from podcasts to conferences to marriage retreats, wherever we are sharing St. John Paul II's Rule for couples, you can find it here!

This issue includes:

1) Martins Dazzle at the CFLA Conference - whether it was the buzz about St. John Paul II's Rule or Theresa's blinged-out shoes, the CFLA Conference warmly embraced the Martins. Read the details here!

2) Give your Beloved the Best. Gift. Ever. - Give your beloved the gift of time for Christmas this year! Time to focus on you, your love, and God. Registration is now open for the retreat at the lovely Alverna Center in picturesque Winona, MN! Space is limited, register today! ... 

3) Experiencing Joy - MCG Spotlight - (Lafayette, LA) by Leader Couple Leah & Sam Muller. "...‘Stumbling’ upon the Rule and then starting an MCG has been a powerful example of God showing up in our life. It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for this gift, one that I didn’t know we needed and which I now can’t imagine living without. To be honest, our ‘yes’ to this commitment was somewhat mumbled. We were hesitant ..." Read more!   

4) Look to Wujek: "Encountering the Person" - Fr. Wojtyła (St. John Paul II) received the title “Wujek” (-yĕk, which means uncle) from his group of friends in 1952 because it was not safe to call him Father in public. "Look to Wujek" helps us get to know the man who was St. John Paul II, little by little. This reflection by Laura Ricketts, will draw you in to understand a little more about our real founder, the author of the Rule and the one who guides us still... Read more.

5) History & Mission: "A Lost Treasure Found – Precisely When It Is Needed Most." - The next installment of the story of discovery of The Rule. "After encountering St. John Paul II’s Rule first in the book Bellezza e spiritualità dell’amore coniugale, I knew the first step to bring this Rule to English was to reach out to two of the authors of the Italian book: Professor & Mrs. Stanisław and Ludmiła Grygiel ..." read the rest of the story!

6) Details on next Leader Couple Training Course - Registration Deadline Extended: Dec 22 - Are you interested in starting a Married Couple Group following St. John Paul II's Rule? The next Leader Couple Training Course is in January! Click here to learn all the details!

7) Izabella Nagle Inspires at St. John Paul II Feast Day Celebration - Izabella gave a beautiful picture of her homeland Poland and the culture that surrounded the young priest and future pope. She made some comparisons between communist Poland and secular America ... and described the importance of St. John Paul II's Rule with used a Lord of the Rings analogy! Read the details here!

8) Two Souls United in Christ - Marriage Retreat at Holy Family at Great Success! - Read all about the retreat experience at Holy Family parish! "The WCI Leadership team was warmly welcomed at Holy Family parish in St. Louis Park, MN, on the weekend of October 27-28th. We were overjoyed to share the mission of the WCI and the gift of The Rule with 36 married couples! These couples ..." Read more...

9) Advent Reflections & Why I support the WCI & How can you help? - The beautiful mission of the WCI needs to be supported. You can help change the world! Read more...

10) Want to bring Peter & Theresa to speak at your parish or diocese? - The Martins continue to spread the wonderful message of St. John Paul II's Rule for married couple groups! In addition to leading new couples to be trained as Leader Couples, Peter & Theresa have talks coming up in Gary, IN, Winona, MN, and Cloquet, MN. Click here to book the Martins!

Have an idea for JOYFUL? Or an article on marriage or why St. John Paul II's Rule is needed for our time? Contact us with your idea and/or submission!