Give your Beloved the Best. Gift. Ever.

You know how life can start moving more and more quickly? We get busy with so many things. And often they are good things - it just keeps seeming to speed up.

Give your beloved the gift of time. Time to breathe, to put everything else to one side and focus on you, your love, and God.

Do you know that wonderful experience of keeping an hour of Eucharistic Adoration? You may feel fidgety at the beginning, because you're used to being "on the go", but by the end, you are more peaceful, more in love with God, and more full of joy!

Get ready to have your love expanded in God's grace!

That is exactly what a retreat does for your marriage! The talks will have intellectual content, but also much spiritual reflection and you will have time to enter into a deeper loving, spiritual dialogue with your beloved. You will learn more about St. John Paul II's Rule, but also begin to apply the key aspects of his Rule on the retreat! 

Get ready to have your mind blown and your heart expanded! Enriching your conjugal spirituality fills up your spiritual love tank so that you can continue to give out in all the ways you love serving your family, your community, and the Church. 

Let everything else wait for a moment - and enter into the eternal of your love for each other. God is waiting to meet you there and bring you into an even deeper experience of His love in your marriage.

Upcoming Retreat:

February 23-24 Alverna Center, Winona, MN.  Overnight accommodations available, but space is limited - register today!