Martins Dazzle at the CFLA Conference

Peter and Theresa Martin went down to Florida October 17th through the 20th for the CFLA (Catholic Family Life Association) conference. The conference is an opportunity for marriage and family life directors from all over the United States to get together and share resources. They are introduced to marriage ministries, opportunities, and programs that also gather at this conference. It is a time to share, discuss, team up, and help each other out as they work together in the vineyard of the Lord. 

Peter and Theresa Martin were invited to speak at this year’s CFLA conference to share St. John Paul II’s Rule for Married Couple Groups. They had a great success in their presentation! It was a full room and they sold out of all their books they brought to the conference. There was a funny moment when Theresa realized people were referring to her as the “woman with the blinged out shoes” and she and Peter had a good laugh. 

St. John Paul II’s Rule was a surprise and revelation to many people who had never heard of it before, so it was a wonderful opportunity to share the good news. The Martins made many connections at the conference, and had a great deal of fun as well. It was beautiful to have a conference in such a place as sunny Florida, but the warmth of the sun could not match the warmth of the hearts of the people ready to do battle for marriage, ready to do battle for God, ready to go back out and fight the good fight. And yet, humble enough to enjoy a good whiskey and cigar on one of the evenings together. To be able to have joy in your heart while serving the Lord is a great gift and a blessing. 

Peter and Theresa shared with all these marriage directors, the opportunity of giving couples this beautiful tool, in St. John Paul II’s Rule, which is a tool that gives just a little bit more adjustment, to focus a little bit more on marriage. By following the Rule, couples can get from white knuckling their faith and feeling like you’re trudging through life to really being able to step above that drudgery and have joy and a heart full of gratitude! 

The Martins look forward to collaborating with the many friendships deepened or created at this year’s conference and look forward to what’s happening in the kingdom of God. Theresa commented, “Our world right now may look dark, and there might be a lot of things encroaching in on the truth of marriage, but there are so many ready to stand up for the truth of Christ in marriage. Let us all rise up together! Let us take charge! Let us march on! Let us mobilize this army of the JPII Generation! And we can and we will succeed because Christ has already won the victory!”


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