This Welcome Box includes the materials Leader Couples use, but the items are adjusted slightly to fit the needs of the Marriage Director helping Married Couple Groups to begin. This box includes more information about encouraging couples to begin groups, spreading it in your area, as well as more brochures to hand out and WCI connect materials.

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Please note that we are a family of families and to that end, the WCI sells these at cost to you! Your "Welcome Box" includes: 2 workbooks: Leader Couple Workbook Year 1: living the Rule, Dialogue Journal for Her, Dialogue Journal for Him, 2 copies of Humanae Vitae, 2 "Pocket Rule"s, a copy of The Rule: St. John Paul II's Rule for a Joy-filled Marriage of Divine Love, 2 Rule magnets, 2 WCI pens, access to the Leader Couple Training Course Google Classroom, and more!