Welcome to your new Married Couple Group following St. John Paul II's Rule! *These items are only available to couples who are in a WCI Married Couple Group. If you are interested in being trained as a WCI Leader Couple to begin a Married Couple Group in your area, please reach out to us at info@wojtylaci.com! Any order made by someone not in an official WCI Married Couple Group will not be fulfilled. Thank you for understanding!*

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Please note that we are a family of families and to that end, the WCI sells these at cost to you! Your "Welcome Box" includes: 2 workbooks: MCG Workbook Year 1: living the Rule, Dialogue Journal for Her, Dialogue Journal for Him, 2 copies of Humanae Vitae, 2 "Pocket Rule"s, a copy of The Rule: St. John Paul II's Rule for a Joy-filled Marriage of Divine Love, 2 Rule magnets, 2 WCI pens, access to our newsletter, and more!