Merry Christmas!

Dec 27, 2020 - We wish you the happiest Christmas! One of our founding texts was written on the Feast of the Nativity and so Christmas is so precious to our community. It is through Jesus Christ, the second Person of the most Holy Trinity, becoming man that our salvation was made possible.

Our identity as human persons, our understanding of ourselves as needing to be in relation with another - to give ourselves away in selfless love, all is possible because of Christmas!

Christ’s Incarnation continues to be a source of power and grace for us all! As we seek to love our spouses selflessly, as we yearn to build the kingdom of God on earth, it is through the power of the Incarnation that we find our strength!

Thank you, Jesus, for becoming man! What a GLORIOUS feast Christmas is!!!

Did you know?

Right now we have interest from 17 different locations throughout the U.S. and 2 international interests! And we know there are many nonprofits asking for donations now at year-end.

We also know that we would love to finally move into that next tier and be able to open up WCI Married Couple Groups and communities wherever there is a desire!

We are small but mighty. And YOU are a part of this grassroots Catholic community! Whatever you can give would be such a blessing right now! We need the financing to publish The Rule of Cardinal Wojtyła in English (we have already received approval of our translation from the Vatican!) and to finalize the organizational aspect of expanding our WCI ministry to other areas. Anything you can give - no matter how small! - would be such a blessing!

With much love and sincere gratitude, through the blessings of Our Lady, we are your brothers and sisters in Christ,

God bless you,

the WCI Leadership Team