Blessed Advent!

Dec 1, 2020 - As the Church restarts her liturgical year, we embrace the love with which Advent brings us.

The Advent and Christmas seasons are so dear to us in the Wojtyła Community & Institute, because one of our founding documents (Reflections on Marriage) by then Father Karol Wojtyła was written on the Feast of the Nativity - Christmas!

Did you know?

St. John Paul II believed Marriage was rooted in the Mystery of the Incarnation.

It is through the Incarnation that our sacramental grace of Matrimony (conjugal spirituality!) gets its power. Our personhood is perfected and defined by the God-Man Jesus!

Our flesh, our body is SANCTIFIED by the Incarnation! This merciful, loving God lowered Himself so our humanity might be worthy of His presence!

May God grant us peace and grace this Advent season as we cling to baby Jesus - begging and yearning for Christ to come in an ever more present way into our hearts (& into our marriages!) at Christmas!

We wish you a most Blessed Advent!!  (Be sure to join our mailing list if you haven't yet!)

We are praying for you!

God bless you,

the WCI Leadership Team