Be not afraid!

Nov 19, 2020 - In these unprecedented times, we continue to put our hope, our trust, our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!  He called us to this vision during a pandemic and He will guide us through.

The WCI pioneer Married Couple Group is taking every precaution for the health, safety, and great dignity of each of our members while staying completely committed to the mission before us.

If ever there was a time where people needed a faithful, committed, Catholic community, it is now! Our joy is in our Lord! Join us in rejoicing in all the blessings we do have in our lives right now.

 There is always, Always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

Did you know?

The Mission Statement of the Wojtyła Community & Institute was finally formalized and officially approved by unanimous vote of the board of directors just last night!  

Ready to hear it???

Trusting The Rule of St. John Paul II, we are a family of families, striving for holiness, strengthening marriages, and living the truth of Humanae Vitae with JOY!


In the recently rediscovered texts written in the same era as The Rule, Wojtyła (JPII) notes that in a culture that is increasingly anti-Christian, to live an authentically Christian marriage “requires a moral perfection and a commitment to acquire it and keep it much greater than ever before.”

He says living as a Christian in this secular culture “requires a certain heroism.”

How is it possible for a Catholic marriage to obtain & maintain love at the level of heroic virtue?

The answer, Wojtyła states, is community.


Our founders celebrated the marriage of one of the many engaged couples they mentor, at the Crossings Center - the site of our future WCI Community Gatherings! 

We had hoped we might have our first public WCI Community Gathering next month to invite YOU all to come! Alas, with the new restrictions, our plans have been set back.

However, because of this, we will have more activity right here on the website! Also, we heard that some people were not receiving our emails (perhaps they are going to spam?). Sad!! We can't have you missing all the great news!

So, all these messages and updates can be found, read and shared now from here! (Look out soon for our new social media platforms - if restrictions keep us from meeting you face to face, we will find a way to connect!)

Make sure you join our mailing so you get the news first! 

We are praying for you!

God's timing is perfect and we glorify His Holy Name! All glory and honor to Him!!

God bless you,

the WCI Leadership Team