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At the present moment, in the Church and in society, there is no more critical issue for us to address than the truth about marriage. Our world has presented us with an atmosphere in which the integrity of marriage has been under attack for decades. 

In the midst of pressure from a secularized culture there comes a bright light of joyful hope from Theresa and Peter Martin: The Rule offers us the first English translation of Cardinal Wojtyla’s Rule for a joy-filled marriage of divine love.

Theresa & Peter Martin have brilliantly taken a concise, six-point "Rule for Married Couple Groups" written by St. John Paul II and expounded upon it, using St. John Paul II's own words, to allow the reader to fully understand its meaning.  The Rule gives you St. John Paul II's key to deepening spouses' conjugal spirituality and finding lasting Joy!

What is this Rule?  

Why do we need it?  

Could it really be the key we have been searching for - to help us get beyond the struggle and live a life of enduring joy in Christ?  

JPII thinks so.  

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"St. John Paul II's luminous teaching on marital love and family life is a great gift to the Church and the world. In addition to providing wise guidance for living that teaching, The Rule explains the genesis of John Paul's mature thought on human love, and its role in sanctifying the world, in a remarkable network of friendships that embodied the beauty of solidarity within the Church." - George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies, Ethics and Public Policy Center

ENDORSED by Cardinal BURKE! 

"Theresa and Peter Martin, drawing upon their extensive study of theology and upon the grace of their marriage in Christ, have accepted the mission of bringing The Rule of Pope Saint John Paul II to the English-speaking public ... It is my hope that the publication of The Rule and the service of WCI will inspire and strengthen married couples to live more faithfully and deeply the mystery of conjugal love as God has intended it from the beginning and for which Christ never ceases to pour out from His glorious-pierced Heart the grace of pure and selfless love into the hearts of husbands and wives. Couples whose hearts rest in the Sacred Heart of Jesus will indeed be a font of light in a world which has grown very dark, a font of joy and peace in a world marked by so much despair and violence." (from the Foreword.)His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal BURKE. 

ENDORSED by personal friend of St. John Paul II, Prof. Stanisław GRYGIEL!

“Great texts are like treasures that are excavated from hidden places often after many years, yet precisely in the time that has need of them and, in which, they can be best understood.  This text is "The Rule for Married Couple Groups” written by St. John Paul II, which spouses, Theresa and Peter Martin, offer us in The Rule; they offer it together with their own wise reflection, born of their experience of the spiritual life, proper to married and family life ...  In these difficult and dangerous times for marriages and families, we must be grateful to the Martins for the fact, seemingly simple and natural, that is, for having decided to live for marriage.” - Dr. Stanisław Grygiel, Professor of Philosophical Anthropology

ENDORSED by Christopher West!

“Recently unearthed texts from John Paul II on God’s plan for man and woman never before published in English – what!? That was my reaction when I first learned of Peter and Theresa Martin’s publishing of The Rule.  What is “the rule”? you ask. As the Martins explain, it is the clear and illuminating path to the “triumphant joy” of loving as God loves. This is what Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality is all about. However, as the Martins have realized, couples desperately need help not only in understanding Catholic teaching on married love, but in practicing it amidst the trials of everyday life. With this enlightening explication of St. John Paul II’s “Rule” for married couples as its founding text, the Wojtyla Community and Institute (WCI) exists to provide that much needed help.  Please enter into this text and into the practical help offered by the WCI!" - Christopher West, Th.D., President, Theology of the Body Institute

ENDORSED by Rhonda Ortiz!

The Sacrament of Matrimony is a Sacrament of particularities: a calling to this man, this woman, these children, this extended family. St. John Paul II’s Rule provides a clear, simple framework for married couples to grow in holiness, bringing the “Ideal” within the “Real.” Supplemented by additional readings and Theresa and Peter Martin’s learned yet accessible commentary, this book provides a foundation for practicing the Rule individually and in community. Thank you, Peter, Theresa, and the Wojtyła Community & Institute, for bringing this short but valuable text to the English-speaking Church." - Rhonda Ortiz, Lay Dominican, award-winning novelist, creator of Scripture for the Scrupulous, and wife and mother of six.

ENDORSED by Fr. Paul N. Check!

"While a fallen world says otherwise, St. John Paul was confident that Humanae Vitae helps to mark the path to a holy, joyful, fruitful marriage.  As Cardinal Wojtyła, he wrote a practical guide for spouses to follow, with the community and encouragement of other married couples.  Peter and Theresa Martin have made the commitment to follow the Saint’s six-point Rule, themselves and in the company of their peers, and now they have shared their insight, experience and commentary on The Rule—newly translated into English—in this well-written and engaging work." - Fr. Paul Check, Executive Director, Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

"The Rule is well written and a theologically sound description of marriage that is actually readable and accessible to people living that august sacrament." - Fr. Sam Martin, Wausau, WI. 

"I KNOW (this book) will bless many, many families, since it’s a holy lifeline from SAINT JPII!!!" - Adrianne P.


"This is a book about love; more exactly, it is about the love that knows no end, the love our hearts yearn for. The love that consumes, that reverberates, that heightens—it is a love that costs everything—yet offers everything. It is a love that transforms us from broken, fallen creatures into the children of God we were meant to be. It is about Love. The One who made all, who is all, and who brings everything back into Himself. It is the calling of the Spirit and the passion of the Bridegroom wrapping around us and carrying us forth to the heart of the Father in eternal glory. It is Love that never fails. Love that comforts, that caresses, that sweetens every sorrow. Jesus Christ is the Love for which we ache in the depth of our souls; the Love that we crave at the heart of every desire we feel. ..."  from Chapter 1.